Dorie Greenspan's dreamt-up jammers

"This cookie came to me in a dream, truly—I was in Paris and I dreamed this cookie, woke up, made it, loved it, and immediately brought it to Pierre [Hermé] to taste to make sure I wasn’t making this whole thing up. He declared them perfect."

- Dorie Greenspan


With a backstory like that, we had to try Dorie Greenspan's classic jammers.  Oh boy, were they worth it.  They checked all the best cookie texture boxes: crisp, crumbly, chewy, and gooey, with flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, and fruit.   We made ours with Wild Salal Berry Spread, but you can make these with any jam or fruit spread you have on hand.

Thanks to Hali Bey Ramdene who shared the recipe on Kitchn here.


Dorie Greenspans classic jammer cookies

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